Sunday, 8 May 2011

'A Troll In Therapy' - The Final Cut

Here is the final cut of my animation, 'A Troll In Therapy'.

Alternatively you can watch it on Youtube for higher quality viewing.

Youtube link to 'A Troll In Therapy' - click here

Monday, 4 April 2011

So what's new?

Today I presented my rough cut (consisting of majority of the animation, but with a few gaps in the timeline) to my peers & tutor. I was advised to replace the voice talent of the Therapist, when mentioned it did strike me as a rather dull voice comparing to the Troll. It was handy having fresh eyes and ears watching & listening to what I have made so far, pointing out things I could improve on such as the camera movement, sound & export settings for the best quality result.

I now plan to re-record the voice of the Therapist, and lip sync all his parts again. After that I will finish all the other animating parts required for the timeline, followed by exporting all my scenes again into FCP for better frame rate to avoid 'ghosting' and animation jerking.

Once this is all done I will drop it into the final edit, brush up all the sound and compose light music for the reception scene.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Three S's (Screenplay, Script & Storyboard)

I have been working on my backgrounds for my animation, using Flash to recreate the locations I made using SweetHome 3D.

I then used these illustrations to assist my storyboard, which I made after my screenplay & script. I used Celtx software to type up my Screenplay, Script & Storyboard.

Click images to enlarge
All work written & drawn by Benjamin Charles




Monday, 28 February 2011

Out in the field

In my spare time I produce electronic music, so in my film assignments and work I really like to get involved with sound design.
I have recently been out in my local area doing field recordings for tracks I have been working on, using condenser & dynamic microphones , then mixing them together to get an all round sound.
I plan to record ambience from different locations to fill up my sound for my animated shoot locations to give a bit more organic authenticity to the project.

Here is a track I have recently produced with a field recording intro underneath the synths.
I hoping to use a similar recording for my opening scene of my protagonist arriving to the therapy building.

Forest by CHROMASY - if live playback is unavailable please CLICK HERE.

(Field recording lasts approximately 1 minute 30 seconds from beginning)
Track produced by Benjamin Charles (alias CHROMASY) 2011.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Location, Location

I recently had a go at using Adobe After Effects in thought of using it to animate my characters. The results were not too good. The program is great and does open manipulation to my animation that Flash can not do, but I found it hard to keep track of everything on the interface and found myself lost which left me making many errors. I have decided to stick with using Adobe Flash for my project.

Also, I have started my set design for all my locations I plan to use. I discovered a program that made it easy for me to create rooms as blue prints as if they were a real location. The program is called 'Sweet Home 3D', which is generally designed for people who are moving house and can make floor plans etc. I used this to my advantage to build my therapists office.
This shall make storyboarding easier for me now that I have an actual room I can refer to.

Therapist's Room (click image to enlarge)
Standard office environment, with a sofa for the patient and an arm chair for the therapist.

Therapist's Room - Aerial view (click image to enlarge)
When creating the room I saw this angle and thought I could use this for referral as a shot I can use when storyboarding.

Waiting Room/Reception (click image to enlarge)
Here is where my protagonist will wait to be called into the main room.

Waiting Room/Reception (click image to enlarge)
Opposite the sofa is the hatch where the receptionist will be based.

All images created by Benjamin Charles.

Using this program was great for me, as I got to play around with arrangement and colours very easily until I was happy. Hopefully saving me time when I come to reconstruct these places in Flash.
There will be more detail in each location shot, this was just to give me a good idea of the layout and got my brain jogging on what I would need to add for the final piece.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Learning Curve

I recently had an induction on using Adobe After Effects. The presentation was impressive and opened my eyes to the huge possibilities of being able to expand the detail of my animation.
With two and a half months left until the deadline I am going to have a go at animating my draft characters in After Effects and see if it is likely I can do a good enough job in time. If the results are not what I expect or I believe I can do better in Flash, then I will revert back to using Flash as I know I can work comfortably with the program.

I also recently picked up a book and DVD called, 'The Animators Survival Kit' by Richard Williams, which has chapters on animating; character movement, speech, expression & timings. Plus many more, so hopefully this will extend my knowledge when working on exercises and down to my final piece.
I now plan to go back and work on the previous exercises, and do some work on Illustrator & After Effects as a trial run.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Lip Sync Exercise

Here is a short clip I used as part of a lip syncing exercise in Adobe Flash.
I used these mouth parts to construct this piece with an acapella I have from a song.

Created by Benjamin Charles

Again I am having export issues, with the first loads of frames freezing. Thankfully I put the piece on a loop of two so you can see.
Using the mouth chart as a template I will now have to design each of my characters mouth parts to enable them to speak fluently.
Before that though, time to storyboard my animation.